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Various - Sinfonie der Sterne - Die 70er Jahre - Polydor, Die Geschichte eine... 4000127165978

Various - Sinfonie der Sterne - Die 70er Jahre - Polydor, Die Geschichte eine... 4000127165978

Various - Sinfonie der Sterne - Die 70er Jahre - Polydor, Die Geschichte eine... 4000127165978

Die 70er Jahre - Polydor, Die Geschichte einer deutschen Schallplattenmarke

Various - Sinfonie der Sterne

1-CD with 24-page booklet, 22 tracks, playing time 80:23 minutes. POLYDOR - a name is legend. Since the 'Golden Twenties', shellacs, later vinyl and compact discs have been spinning under this global brand, initially with different coloured labels, since the beginning of the 1950s with the unmistakable orange label and the little stars or with the Polydor red introduced in 1963.The seventiesHair is getting longer and longer, drug use is on the rise. The social upheaval triggered by the '68 generation' manifests itself. The Republic seems to have changed since Chancellor Willy Brandt, who was elected in 1969, took office. More democracy is dared', the idea of progress inspires people. There are experiments in all directions, including musical ones. Beside the conventional Schlager, Krautrock groups and songwriters appear on the scene (and here and there also in the LP charts). In 1970, when the Beatles split up and the youth idols Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix left this world forever, the 200th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven was celebrated in Germany with plays, films and books about the musical genius; the GDR and the FRG issued special stamps; Herbert von Karajan, Otto Klemperer and Karl Böhm conducted the master's opus in his native city of Bonn; finally, the Spaniard Miguel Rios appeared on the picture. He gets Polydor (on the label Hispavox) in the mood for joy with an English pop version of the Ode to Joy. Beethoven's Ode is now called Song Of Joy and sells more than a million copies in Germany. In addition to Miguel Rios, Wencke Myhre, Daliah L vi, Karel Gott, Chris Roberts, Bata illic and Roy Black make their way onto the German pop charts. One sings cheerfully that his name is Hase; the other dreams of travelling around the world with bags full of money; other songs are about a bright red rubber boat or a certain Michaela. With Dieter Thomas Heck's hit parade on ZDF, Schlager has opened up an ideal public forum for itself since 1969, but the direct hits quickly become increasingly rare in the course of the seventies. (An exception makes the folk song Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen, which the then Federal Foreign Minister and future Federal President Walter Scheel made a top ten hit on Polydor in 1973/74.) The majority of adolescents now consider the German language (and the Schlager) to be old-fashioned or even reactionary. Young people prefer to listen to the music of Golden Earring, the Rubettes, Slade, Medicine Head, in short: music of English-speaking provinces. Only the songwriters can reconcile the young listeners with the German language again. Konstantin Wecker, Herman van Veen, Ougenweide, Peter Horton, Ludwig Hirsch and all the other singer-songwriters Polydor gathers under their roof are more likely to address their community with their albums than with fast-moving single hits. The same applies to orchestral recordings, which, however, tend to find friends among people over 40. Here it is the bandleader James Last, whose name appears again and again in the annual evaluations of the hit lists. James Last can establish himself as one of the best-selling album artists of all time during the 70s! Also very successful is the Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra, which accompanies the entry of nations (including one of the LP titles) at the 1972 Olympic Summer Games in Munich. Edelhagen's LP 'Olympia-Parade' brings it to the first chart position and becomes the Soldveredelten' bestseller. Pop pearls and bestsellers like from the assembly line, singles as well as albums, bring the Swedish group ABBA to Germany via Polydor from 1974 onwards. The triumph of the four Scandinavians began in the English seaside resort of Brighton when the Waterloo group won the Grand Prix d'Eurovision. ABBA's number 1 hits Mamma Mia, Fernando, Dancing Queen, Money, Money, Money and Knowing Me, Knowing You bring the pop offshoot of the Grammophon - since 1972 under the umbrella of the German-Dutch holding Polytram - safely through the decade. In 1977 the ballad-rock group Barclay James Harvest (BJH) also enjoyed immense success. With Polydor's help the group can soon celebrate greater success in Germany than in their British homeland. The best known UH album `Gone To Earth' (1977) has been on the German sales charts for over 200 weeks. Starting from Hollywood, the Bee Gees soundtrack to `Saturday Niet Fever' (on the label RSO), which is completely kept in the dance beat, beats all previous records. The film not only makes the protagonist John Travolta a star, but also lets discotheques equipped with light organs and fog machines shoot out of the ground. 1978/79 marks the peak of the disco era in Europe. Polydor's most prominent disco contribution will be Gloria Gaynor's 1 Will Survive. Medium 1 Id Name Interpret
1 Song Of Joy RIOS, Miguel
2 Zeit macht nur vor dem Teufel halt RYAN, Barry
3 Hab' ich dir heute schon gesagt, dass ich... ROBERTS, Chris
4 Wer hat mein Lied so zerstört, Ma? LAVI, Daliah
5 Coz I Luv You SLADE
6 Hot Pants BROWN, James
7 Sugar Baby Love RUBETTES
8 Die Spinnerin BRAUER, Arik
9 Celebration WEST, Marius
10 Wer im Wartesaal der Liebe steht ABBA
11 Michaela ILLIC, Bat
13 Ich senke dir eine neue Welt DOMINGO, Placido
14 60 Jahre - und kein bisschen weise JUERGENS, Curd
15 Maintenant je sais GABIN, Jean
16 Willy WECKER, Konstantin
17 Sex-Appeal DANZER, Georg
18 In The City JAM
19 An eine ferne Prinzessin VAN VEEN, Herman
20 Spuck den Schnuller aus HIRSCH, Ludwig
21 I Will Survive GAYNOR, Gloria

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