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WORLDWIDE stamp collection MNH (150+ countries) - 2000 DIFFERENT - ALL FULL SETS

WORLDWIDE stamp collection MNH (150+ countries) - 2000 DIFFERENT - ALL FULL SETS

WORLDWIDE stamp collection MNH (150+ countries) - 2000 DIFFERENT - ALL FULL SETS

*** WorldStampsForLess ***

Worldwide MNH Stamp Collection

2000 stamps from 150+ countries

All in full sets

Free Gift (CV: $200) Limited Time Only!


Collection: AE001



Weather you are a collector or a dealer, this collection will ensure a wonderful stamp collecting/dealing experience. This is our top quality collection with all mint-never-hinged (MNH) stamps, all coming in full sets, and truly worldwide (not just rhetorically).  The collection only contains stamps officially released and cataloged in major stamp catalogs (Scott / Michel / Stanley Gibbons / Yvert et Tellier).  There are a number of exquisite stamps especially ones coming from Western European countries. 

The entire lot contains multiple collections. We have created two listings (AE001, AE002) tailored for your budget and your needs.  In addition, you will get a minisheets collection as a FREE gift with guaranteed value of at least $200 (source: Scott 2016). 

Hurry, this lot won't last long!



- At least 2000 stamps from 150+ countries (see the table below)

- FREE gift: minisheets collection (CV: $200; source: Scott 2016)

- All stamps are mint-never-hinged (MNH) / no cheap cancelled stamps

- All stamps come in full sets (images show sample sets)

- Most (>95%) are commemorative sets

- All stamps are officially released and cataloged (Scott / Michel / Stanley Gibbons / Yvert et Tellier)

- This collection is shipped via registered priority mail with tracking number

- FREE shipping within US

- Worldwide shipping (please check the list of excluded shipping locations)

- International buyers: To save on shipping cost we combine shipping for multiple items

- Buy with confidence (100% positive feedback - please check the reviews)



There are two different listings:

Collection AE001: 2000 stamps / 150+ countries (this listing)

Collection AE002: 4500 stamps / 200+ countries

See the table below for countries you may get.



- Stamps shown in this listing's photos are just examples of stamps you may get

- Check our store for other collections (AE001 through AE010)

- In this context a "country" is defined as either current UN-recognized country (ex. USA, China, France, Germany, Bosnia), or former country (ex. Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia), or other Scott/Michel/StanleyGibbons/YvertEtTellier listed colonies, territories and dependencies (ex. Jersey, Isle of Man, Kosovo, Ryukyu, French Guinea) - see the list below. 



Your collection will include 150+ countries from the following list:

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